The incredible pace of the Works of Seascape Resort


The construction works of our urbanization Seascape Resort in Benidorm have an incredible pace. We have thrown ourselves into fulfilling all the deadlines so that you can start enjoying them as soon as possible. 

The homes and all the surrounding area are progressing day after day. An important progress that makes us see how, brick after brick, an urbanization tailor-made for you is raised, cared in all the details and with a privileged balcony to the Mediterranean.

In just a few weeks there has been a spectacular advance

In the block 1 we are already in the phase of executing flooring, tiling, placing the false ceiling and the façade cladding. This month we are going to start the installation of the exterior joinery, that is to say, the windows from where you’ll be able to amuse yourself with the magnificent view of the Mediterranean.

Besides, in the module 1, as well as the previously mentioned works, the plot walls have been executed and interior swimming pools have already their structure.

The block 2 is also progressing amazingly fast. We continue with the structure that is planned to be finished in August. And in this month of July, the slab corresponding to floor 0 will have the concrete pour.

Ritmo imparable del complejo Seascape Resort
Construction progress July 2020

In the block 3, at the same time, we will start the masonry works, installations and covers once the structure has been finished.

Regarding the Urbanization Phase 1A. The process of earthworks has been finished and the sanitation services have been completed. This month of July the basic and fundamental services installation will be started: lighting, electricity, telecommunications, and drinkable water supply.

Regarding the Urbanization Phase 1B, we will start this month the works of foundations and structure corresponding to the sport area and the magnificent climatized pool.

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