The immensity of Levante Beach in Benidorm


Looking at the Mediterranean from your home terrace is a privilege. Our resort Seascape is a huge balcony looking at the sea from all the perspectives. But the ones who love the sea, who are delighted watching the wide variety of tones and colours that the sunlight offers, those who are nourished by its calm and peace, above all, enjoy going deeper in its warm and crystal-clear water. And, if there is something that Seascape homes have is the proximity to the Levante Beach in Benidorm, one of the longest and most beautiful and immense ones of the Mediterranean

Between Punta Pinet and Punta Canfali two long kilometres or urban beach are extended, with golden fine sand, which, because of their orientation allows to enjoy up to the last sun ray.

Levante Beach in Benidorm

Levante Beach is one of the most emblematic bathing spaces of the whole Europe, which has attracted thousands of citizens. But we are talking about something more than a beach because its line draws a lively promenade, epicentre of bars, restaurants, cafés where people all over the world enjoy a Mediterranean landscape. The best gastronomy in rice and fish can be found in restaurants like El Barranco or Son de Mar. And if what you fancy is looking at the sunset with a mojito in your hand and accompany that special moment with good music, Bikini Beach and Penélope Beach are two classics of the place. 

We cannot lose the perspective of the fact that spending a sun and swimming day on the Levante Beach of Benidorm is also practicing nautical sports with safety. One offer that ranges from rides on jet-ski to more exciting activities such as fly-fish and the parachute. In sites like you can find a wide offer. 

Everything is possible on this beach corner where thousands of citizens from all the nationalities have passed. The return to Seascape resort is the best reward for an intense day. 

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