“Terra Natura”, a unique experience of ‘immersion exhibit zoo’ in Benidorm


Next to our complex Seascape Resort in Benidorm, it is Terra Natura one of the Spanish and European most impressive zoos. A great experience for the children and grown-ups which offers the opportunity of getting closer to the animal world, to see how they live, detect their customs and know their habitat. 

1,500 animals from three continents

More than 1,500 animals of 200 different species from the great supercontinent Pangea, and the continents of America, Africa and Europe

The park is much more than a zoo, it has been conceived as a space where the educative values prevail as well as the conservation of the fauna.

Terra Natura participates in different international programmes of reproduction of endangered species so the conservation of our biodiversity is one of its main goals. 

The numerous experiences it offers allow to discover the marvellous world of the elephants, enjoy a night safari or learn to care the animals. The youngest ones can also enjoy a funny day sharing time with the donkeysIf you are in Costa Blanca you shouldn’t miss the opportunity of this ‘immersion exhibit zoo’ and enjoy it with the whole family.

And much more than looking closely the animals that we see on TV or in photos. It is discovering what are the places they live like and how they develop their lifestyle.

One of the essential features of Seascape Resort is the abundance of water: over 681 m2 of common swimming pools

Return to Seascape Resort

After an intense day, there is nothing like coming back home to rest. Our homes in the residential Seascape Resort, beside Terra Natura, have everything to make your life easy and comfortable. Luxury services in the common areas and superb views of the Mediterranean in the highest quality homes.

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