Look how the construction of your home in Seascape Resort is progressing!


The pace of construction has not stopped throughout the summer, so much so we have completed the masonry of the facade of Block 4. Likewise, we have also made great progress on the roof, executed at 75%, the interior walls, incorporating the insulating materials that will provide your home with an excellent level of thermal and acoustic comfort, and in the installations of plumbing, electricity, telecommunications and air conditioning, 25% completed. Within the next few weeks we will start with the tiling of your home with first quality materials. 

Regarding the homes of Block 5, we stick to the planned work schedule, making quick progress in the homes installations, roofs, finished with artificial grass and gravel, interior walls and insulation. In September we will finish the masonry.

With regard to the Urbanization works, we are also installing the services of drainage and water supply and shortly we will complete street C, giving pedestrian access to blocks 4 and 5

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