Close to the Seascape Blue there are plenty of places like bars, beach bars and restaurants to enjoy the gastronomy and leisure of the area.


In the SHOPPING area 5 minutes away from the SEASCAPE BLUE, you will find nearly all possible franchises commonly found in any other shopping malls, on clothing for women, men, children, perfume and makeup stores, sunglass stores, multimedia and electronics, decoration, accessories for home and people and also restaurants, supermarkets and convenience stores.

At “La Marina” commercial area you have the biggest and most known supermarkets such as “Carrefour”, “Lidl”, “Consum”, “Mercadona” and “Aldi”. 10 minutes away and at the entry road to the “Cala de Finestrat” beaches there is a large hobby and DIY store – “Leroy Merlin” – and adjacent decoration stores and restaurants with a large covered and open-air parking area. In the area of “Cala de Finestrat,” there is another “Mercadona” store, decoration stores and bank-offices.

The opening of Europe’s most sustainable shopping center in 2020 will bring the new shopping era to the area! 210 million euros invested in the 58.388 square meters, three-floor open-air Shopping and Leisure Complex with outstanding design and technology will introduce new brands and entertainment (such as summer cinema) and will deliver an experience of 21st Century shopping.   

On the main beachside avenue (Avenida de Villajoyosa, Avenida Armada Española) that leads Benidorm`s “old town” (Casco Viejo) to “Cala de Finestrat” and “Benidorm Poniente Beach”, lots of typical souvenir stores, restaurants, sportswear stores, and supermarkets can be found. 

You can walk to the city downtown, with several smaller stores, restaurants, bars, cafeterias, hotels, and hostels side by side. The main franchises can be found here. Any time of day there is a constant flux of people. Then you can go through downtown and walk on to BENIDORM LEVANTE, where most foreign and touristic stores are, with souvenirs, Chinese stores with their endless product diversity, beach bars, fast food restaurants and most of the hotels.

Walking further north, you will get into the famous BENIDORM NIGHTLIFE. Disco pubs, live music restaurants, rock bars and similar are all settled here, known as RINCON DE LOIX. There are also typical small supermarkets run by British, German and other EURORESIDENTS with products from many European countries.

 Other very interesting shopping areas are in ALTEA where you can find a lot of shops with artworks of BOHEMIAN flair. Altea is known for the artists’ colony living there. The University of Alicante has its ARTS faculty settled in Altea. The colorful Casco Antiguo has nice shops in typical white houses so characteristic for the city. Small streets going upwards with steep stairs. The pavement in the old town is a mix of pebbles and concrete giving it a very cozy look.



Finestrat and the surrounding area, especially near the Seascape Blue complex, have a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and cafes to suit all budgets, from home-cooked meals to fine dining. Given the proximity to the sea, seafood and fish restaurants abound. From rice dishes such as Paella de Marisco or pasta dishes such as Fideua to grilled prawns are common dishes on the menu of local restaurants. In addition, you can find good restaurants with “comida corrida”, consisting of a starter, main course, dessert, and/or coffee or tea for only 9 € per person on the promenade boulevards of Cala Finestrat and Benidorm Poniente and in nearby Villajoyosa.

Foreign food can be found in Benidorm Levante and Rincón de Loix, and live music restaurants and snack bars are more usual.

High-end gastronomy can be enjoyed in Alfaz de Pí, La Nucía, Playa del Albir, and mainly in Altea, just a 10-minute drive from SeaScape.

For grilled food, there is a highly recommended restaurant overlooking the sea on the Poniente beach in Benidorm, on the Avenida de Villajoyosa, called Con Brassa (reservations recommended), both meat and fish are grilled on “brasas”, as in a barbecue.

Another good grill restaurant in Altea’s Cap Negret is called Ca Joan. The Ousteau is also an excellent recommendation (again, timely booking is required), as it is a fusion of French, Swiss, and Mediterranean “haute cuisine”. Another is Restaurant Dels Artistes, near Altea’s church in the old town. In nearby La Nucia, we can recommend “Nuevo Alcázar”, an architectural copy of the Alhambra (Granada) and, in the sense of food, a mixture of refined Belgian and Mediterranean cuisine.

Close by, just 5 minutes’ drive down towards Cala de Finestrat is the large shopping area of La Marina with almost all the franchise restaurants such as McDonald’s, Foster’s Hollywood, La Tagliatella for Italian food lovers, Burger King, and many others.

In Cala de Finestrat, you can find Bulgarian-Russian, Belgian, and several typical seafood restaurants.

For chocolate lovers, Villajoyosa is a must-see destination. There you can find the chocolate museum and the VALOR chocolate factory.

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